Tea with a positive impact

Which big and small changes can we make today to have a positive impact on our environment? This is the type of question that Tea of Life asks itself every day to make conscious and sustainable choices. Examples that we have already implemented are turning “waste” into usable compost, our organic and CO2-neutral production processes, and by retaining the production value at its source as much as possible.

Step by step, we try to make better choices.

After all, what is more important than caring for the world we live in? Will you join us?

Less waste, more compost

100% natural

CO2-neutral production location

The power of the local chain

Less waste, more compost

The Tea of Life tea bags are made of perfectly biodegradable materials and can be thrown away with your organic waste or on your compost heap. We even prefer that you do so. Adding the tea bags to organic waste creates more and cleaner compost.

The tea branch has campaigned to increase such awareness over the past two years. And with great success! We estimate that this has resulted in around 88 million kilograms more compost per year.

More sustainable consumption can only be achieved when the entire chain joins in. From growing herbs, spices and tea to discarding the used tea bag. Do you throw away your tea bag in the right bin? Check it here!


100% natuurlijk

Tea of Life is een blend van natuurlijke ingrediënten, zoals kruiden, stukjes fruit en thee. Verder hebben we hier niets meer aan toe te voegen om het een heerlijke blend te maken.

De blends zijn biologisch geteeld en daardoor milieuvriendelijker dan thee zonder bio-certificering.

The Fair Ground Foundation

By choosing Tea of Life, you automatically support our Fair Grounds Foundation.

The Foundation ensures that €0.15 per sold kilogram of tea goes to projects that support the local communities living around the tea plantations. Would you like to know more? Read more!

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CO2-neutral production location

To meet the sustainability goals of the production location, we had the emissions of greenhouse gases quantified by a third party. And with great success! Last January, we also received the Carbon Neutral Certificate issued by the Sri Lanka Climate Fund (SLCF).

This means that the CO2 emissions caused by the production of the Tea of Life products are fully compensated. The survey included both direct and indirect emissions. Several measures were taken to achieve a CO2-neutral result, such as:

  • Reducing, recycling, and reusing packaging materials (3R cycle)
  • Replacing regular light bulbs with LED lighting
  • Temperature moderation
  • Use of inverters (eco-friendly refrigerant gas)

The quantification of greenhouse gas emissions/removals and the reporting comply with the ISO 14064-1:2018 standards (Specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals; published by the International Organization for Standardization).

The power of the local chain

Tea of Life is entirely processed in Sri Lanka, up to the finished product. This is how we create more jobs for more people and contribute to a growing local economy.

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